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Which Banks Offer Fresh Start Checking Accounts

Banks offer a variety of services including investment products, loans and credit cards in addition to savings and checking accounts. Having a good credit score can increase the chances of obtaining credit through a bank; however, it may not affect the chances of opening a checking or savings. Most banks do not rely on a consumer’s past credit history or current credit score. A negative report from ChexSystems may have the most significant impact on the ability to open a checking account with any type of financial institution.

Our staff understands what its like to get turned down for a checking or savings account because of a bad chexsystems report. That is why we created this free information website to bad credit checking accounts that will hopefully prevent the embarrassment and prevent the wasted time associated with getting turned down. Our information provided will help you locate banks, non chexsystems banks and credit unions that are willing to offer you a second chance checking account or fresh start checking program. This compiled list include banks and credit unions, that is reported to us by our viewers (such as yourself) from our series of networks. This informative list provided is constantly updated and includes reported financial institutions that are willing to overlook a negative chexsystems report and give you a bad credit checking account.

Many banks will not allow a person who is listed in the Chexsystems database to open an account. Consumers who need a checking account but are listed in Chexsystems have a multitude of options. An array of banks and credit unions offer accounts with increased monthly fees compared to a typical checking account. A consumer needs to inquire with the bank to determine if they provide one of these particular accounts.

It is worth noting that Chexsystems does not make the bank’s decision. Each decision is made by the bank or credit union. A consumer that has paid their debt and has proof may be able to make their case to a financial institution and receive an account on an individual basis.

The following list of banks will provide a fresh start checking account to those with negative Chexsystem reports:

Etrade Brokerage
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
A great alternative to a checking account.

Consumers are able to obtain a brokerage account to use as a typical checking account. Each account is provided with checks and a debit card. Money is able to be direct deposited with the majority of banking services being done by mail.
Rating: 5.0

Woodforest Bank
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Locations: 768 banking branches in 17 States.

The Woodforest Bank offers a checking account to consumers who have had issues with a prior bank. This particular account requires a fee of $9 to open with a minimum $50 deposit. Monthly fees from the bank start at $7.95 for customers who utilize direct deposit. A fee of $9.95 is charged to those who do not use direct deposit.
Rating: 5.0

Wells Fargo
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Locations: Over 6300 banking branches in 41 States.

Wells Fargo has options for those listed on Chexsystems or with a poor credit score. A consumer who desires to bank with Wells Fargo will have to add a second service to obtain the checking account. The secondary service is either a savings account, or an account that allows consumers to send money overseas. A monthly charge of $10 is assessed on this account, but the charge is dismissed with an average monthly balance of $1000 or a monthly direct deposit.
Rating: 5.0

U.S. Bank
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Locations: Over 3000 banking branches in 28 States.

U.S. Bank provides consumers with a checking account even with prior checking issues. The minimum starting deposit is $25. An account is allowed to be opened, only if the report does not indicate fraud. This account does have limitations. No checks are allowed to be written in the first month, and no overdrafts are allowed.
Rating: 5.0

Compass Bank
Reviewed by Adele Dannels on March 12.
Locations: Over 700 banking branches in 7 States.

Compass Bank provides consumers with a checking account regardless of their past banking mistakes. Consumers will not have to maintain a minimum monthly balance, but they will be charged a monthly service fee. This particular account allows customers to write unlimited checks and have online banking privileges. A debit card is offered on an individual basis.
Rating: 4.0

M and F Bank
Reviewed by Adele Dannels on March 12.
Second chance checking accounts for Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee residents.

M and F Bank will provide a checking account to Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee residents who have had past checking account issues. A monthly fee of $9 is charged to maintain the account.
Rating: 4.0

Bank Of Arkansas
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Offers fresh start checking accounts.

Bank of Arkansas offers a fresh start checking account. The benefits all account holders receive include check writing, free ATM’s, a debit card and online banking with Billpay. Consumers are able to open this account with an initial deposit of $50. A monthly account fee of $8.95 is assessed, and there is a daily withdrawal limit of $150. Bank of Arkansas offers customers the ability to switch over to a regular checking account after five months of proper banking.
Rating: 4.0

Focus Bank
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Offers checking accounts with past credit problems.

Focus Bank gives consumers with past checking issues a checking account. A minimum starting deposit of $50 is required. Customers are required to purchase their checks.
Rating: 4.0

Colorado State Bank And Trust
Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Offers checking accounts with past checking issues.

Colorado State Bank and Trust allows consumers with past checking issues to open a checking account. This account requires a $50 minimum starting deposit and has a $150 daily withdrawal limit. Customers are provided with a debit card, free ATM’s, online banking and Billpay. Overdraft protection is offered to some customers and monthly statements are provided. A monthly maintenance charge of $8.95 will be assessed. A customer who keeps their account in good standing for five months are allowed to switch to a regular checking account.
Rating: 4.0

Reviewed by Adele Dannels on March 12.
Fresh start checking accounts for military personal.

USAA Bank caters to military personal, but being a member of the military is not required to open a checking account. Consumers needing a fresh start checking account must first become a member. Membership is easy to sign up for online and take just a few minutes. Once, membership has been established, consumers are able to open a checking account. A minimum deposit of $25 is required. Checking account holders are provided with smart phone check deposits, free ATM’s and online banking.
Rating: 4.5

Liberty Savings Bank
Reviewed by Adele Dannels on March 12.
Bad credit checking accounts for Florida and Colorado residents.

Liberty Savings Bank offers a checking account to Colorado and Florida residents with past checking issues. Contact the bank for further details.
Rating: 4.0

Atlantic Coast Bank
Reviewed by Adele Dannels on March 12.
Checking accounts with bad banking history in Georgia and Florida.

The Atlantic Coast Bank gives consumers in Florida and Georgia the ability to open a checking account with a bad banking history. This account offers check writing, online banking and ATM usage.
Rating: 4.0

Reviewed by Thomas Vargo on March 12.
Checking accounts with marginal credit.

Everbank bases checking account privileges on a consumer’s credit score. Each potential account is determined on an individual basis, this allows consumers with marginal credit to still get approved. The minimum starting deposit is $1,500. No monthly amount is required to keep the account open. Customers of Everbank are provided with online banking, mobile banking, ATM’s and direct deposit.
Rating: 2.5

Limitations and Tips:

Many banks that offer fresh start accounts will cap check writing capabilities and daily withdrawal amounts. These caps are often removed after a customer has proven their banking worth. Credit Unions are an ideal place to search for a fresh start checking account, as they typically decide eligibility on an individual basis.

We need your help in keeping this list updated. If you are aware of any banks or credit unions that offer checking accounts not listed above, please contact us at We request that you notify us if any of the above banks discontinue their alternative checking programs. Please include the bank’s name and the location of the bank.

What is the Chexsystems and how is it used? – ChexSystems is a credit reporting agency similar to the major credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. It is a database used by financial institutions to evaluate a consumer by his or her ability to effectively manage their finances. Using ChexSystems, banks can assess how much of a financial risk a potential customer may be to the institution. Banks and credit unions request these reports on a individual when opening up a new checking or savings account.

Financial institutions have the opportunity to report a consumer to ChexSystems. There are many reasons a negative item may be reported. Some of the most common reasons may include:

a) Outstanding banking fees
b) Debit card or ATM abuse
c) Multiple checks returned for non-sufficient funds
d) Fraudulent information used to open an account
e) Numerous overdrafts within a certain period of time

The bank will list the reason for the negative report. All information reported to the ChexSystems database may stay on the report for five years unless removed by the reporting bank.

Paying off any outstanding debts owed to any financial institution is the most efficient way to be removed from the ChexSystems database. Banks may have the item removed if the consumer pays the outstanding debt in full. Consumers that have multiple inquiries on their ChexSystems report will decrease their chances at getting approved for a checking account. Banks that check the ChexSystems report do not have the ability to know what institutions the consumer has opened an account with previously. These inquiries may suggest that more accounts have been opened and cause the bank to deny the individual.

How can I review my ChexSystems report?– According to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act or (FACTA), consumers can request a copy of their ChexSystems report if they have been denied by a financial institution within the last 60 days. In addition, consumers are entitled to a free report every 12 months. Visit to find out more about the chexsystems report and how you can receive a copy at no charge.

Individuals that want to dispute information on their report can also do so by contacting ChexSystems directly.

Alternatives to a Fresh Start Checking Account

A prepaid debit card may be helpful for those who have encountered financial problems. This type of debit card requires the account holder to deposit funds into an account before those funds can be used. Prepaid cards also allow individuals to engage in direct deposit so funds are available faster. Direct deposit may also eliminate some of the monthly fees that may be associated with the card. There is never a credit check or ChexSystems inquiry when applying for this type of account.

Some prepaid cards offer an account and routing number and may be used like a traditional checking account. Although it does not offer paper checks, it supplies the consumer with a debit card and the account can be used for automatic bill pay and online banking. It can also be linked to other financial accounts to transfer money and save money on reloading fees.

Surviving bad credit or a negative report with ChexSystems is achievable. While some people may choose to wait until the negative item drops from their report, others may decide to resolve the financial matter as soon as possible. Paying all money owed is typically the best way to overcome a negative credit situation. Most businesses are more willing to work with a consumer that has made an effort to act responsibly after he or she has encountered a financial mishap instead of those who disregard their financial obligations.

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