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12 Ways To Have A Killer Staycation


12 Ways To Have A Killer Staycation


If you have decided to forgo your summer vacation and stay at home, there are still plenty of options to save money while having fun. Just because you may not be heading to the beach or to an exotic retreat, you can still feel as though you are a tourist in your own town.



Here are a few ways to create a killer staycation:


Relax: The first thing we want to do when on vacation is to go, go, go! But your staycation may be the perfect time for you to rest and relax, maybe even take a nap… Gasp!


Get active: There are plenty of activities you and your family can enjoy together. Go to your local tennis or basketball court. Not only will this allow you to enjoy nature but it’s free as well.


Another way to get active would be to look for local hiking trails. You may need to drive a little outside of your city to find the best hiking trails. Make a list of items to find on your adventure with your kids. This list could consist of local wildlife and plants.


Attend local free events: There are plenty of free events around your city, you just have to find them. Check out your local newspaper or magazine and review all of the events your city hosts during the summer. You never know what you may find.


Be a tourist in your own town: Always wanted to check out the local museums or go on the Segway tour around your local parks? Now’s the time. Call the venue you are looking to explore and see if they offer discounts.


Add a little competition: Whether you create fun family games outside or organize a board game or tabletop game tournament, adding a little competition can really spice up your staycation.


Host a barbeque: Want to bring all of your friends and family together? Invite them over for a cookout. Have everyone bring some of their favorite dishes. This will help eliminate some of the work and expense of hosting your own barbeque.


Visit a beach: If you live close to a body of water, pack up your beach chairs and some towels and head to the beach. If you don’t live near a local beach, try your local pool. If there is no other option just turn on the sprinkler. This could entertain your kids for hours. There is nothing better than cooling down in the warm summer sun.


Camp close to home: Try camping in your backyard. It feels as if you venture into another world yet you are still close to home. Build a fire and make some smores.


Go canoeing or kayaking: If you have a local river, reserve, or another body of water close to your home try taking out a canoe or kayak. This can be a great way to relax, get a little exercise, and enjoy nature at the same time.


Attend a major or minor league sporting event: Attending major league sporting events can get expensive. Purchasing a ticket, a hotdog, and a soda for the entire family can add up. Attending a minor league game may give you the same experience and save you a ton of cash.


Jump into a good book: Go visit your local library. Many times, public libraries have special events for kids during the summer. Call your library and see what activities they offer. You could even accomplish a summer reading project while there. Thrawn perhaps?


12 Ways on How To Have a Killer (frugal) Staycation: Jump into a good book by visiting your local library. May we suggest Thrawn, perhaps? Click To Tweet


Not only will you save money by staying home, but you will eliminate the stress of travel. You won’t have to worry about your flights getting delayed or weather harming your travel plans. It will give you a peace of mind, keep more money in the bank, and maybe even bring your family closer together.


So, get out there! Be creative and make this the best summer staycation you have ever had!

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