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7 Weird Ways To Save Money At Home


7 Weird Ways To Save Money At Home


I love finding creative ways to save money. Every day you buy products that you could most likely make for a cheaper price. Making products you would normally buy at home can help you reach financial independence and could serve as the basis for a side hustle.  If you have a little extra time, and maybe a green thumb, you could save a ton of cash by getting creative at home.



Here are a few weird ways you may able to save money:



1. Grow your own sponge luffa gourd: This may sounds outrageous, but you shouldn’t waste your money on pricey loofahs or sponges. You can grow your own crop right at home. This spongy plant can be prepared and eaten as a vegetable as well. In northern climates, you will want to start the seedlings indoors or in a small greenhouse to ensure the gourd fully ripens. (If you try harvesting the luffa too early it wont last long).


2. Plant bayberries and make candles: Did you know that bayberry candles are said to bring prosperity and good luck? In colonial American, bayberries were a valued item. They helped treat fever and brought positive energy to the community. To make bayberry candles you need to add a bit of water, bee’s wax, and heat to create your very own. Bayberry candles make a great gift or even could be part of a side hustle. For more ways to make money check out, Ways To Make Money At Home.

Honey & Candles

3. Bees. Make honey and candles: If you don’t want to purchase bee’s wax at the store, try raising your own bees. This can involve a little bit more work to get started but it would allow you to try a new hobby. There is nothing like homemade honey. Look into a top bar hive: the yields are a bit lower; however, its more sustainable and better for the bees.


4. Grow your own soap: That’s right, soapberry can be grown in the USA. You may have seen soap berries sold online or even at the local health food shop. With a little work, you can grow these at home. Northerners will need to grow it indoors or in a greenhouse to protect it from cold months. If you have children, they may enjoy helping you create your own soaps.



5. Make your own fuel: You can brew gasoline (ethanol) right at home. All you need is a source of starch, fuel still and a permit. It’s okay if you do not have acres of corn fields.  You can grow cattails; the roots have ten times more starch than potatoes. An acre of cattails can produce nearly 7,000 gallons of ethanol. Hopefully, you will not need anywhere near as much. Another benefit to growing cattails is you can use them as a food, to make custom paper, and so much more.

Note: To use ethanol in your vehicle, you will need a flex fuel vehicle or a vehicle that been converted to run on ethanol. 



6. Grow your own supplement: Yup, grow spirulina in a tank in your home. Not only does it have a lot of health benefits, the fresh version tastes a lot better. Fresh taste better, still not great, in my opinion!

Elderberry Syrup

7. Grow your own elderberries: Have you read about the health benefits of Sambucol or elder berry syrup? It’s amazing but expensive. Grow your own elderberries and make your own. Kate over at has a recipe for homemade elderberry syrup.


Growing and producing things at home can be a great way to save a little extra money and reduce costs. It is also a great way to network with like-minded individuals in your community. Many of the individuals in local gardening and permaculture clubs share an interest in simple living that resonates with the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) crowd.

Some of these tips to save money may not work for you and your family. However, I encourage you to get creative and think outside the box. How are you saving money at home this week? Have a tip that you would like to see added to the list? Contact me here.

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